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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

anxiously awaitin' n prayin'

Today will be my last day wearing glasses/contacts for a long, long time! I have been mostly excited up until this point with only a few 'What If' thoughts tucked away in my mind.

Really, I've been fine.

And super excited.

Until 4 minutes ago.

I just got THE feeling.

The feeling that causes you to believe that there must be at least 1,273 butterflies flying around in your stomach. That if were to stand up your knees would knock so loud that your neighbor would answer his door. That even if you haven't eaten anything in 3 days there is no way that food is going to stay down, let alone go down in the first place.

But it's just a feeling.

Maybe it's because I'm T-20 hours until it's my time to have my eyes clamped open, sliced & diced, and lasered off.

Maybe it's because a few people whom I have told that I was going to have this surgery have-for reasons I do not understand-proceeded to share with me 'the surgery that went wrong'. As if I don't know the risks involved.

Maybe it's because I just read and initialed the 6 page consent form that details out any and every single potential risk involved.

Maybe it's because it's natural to be nervous anytime you are about to go under the knife.

I have elected to have this surgery for reasons that go beyond 'just because I want to'. No, I do not have to have this done, but for other health reasons I need to have them operated on. I could continue to wear contacts as long as my eyes will let me and then move into glasses permanently when I have to.

But I like sunglasses.

BIG sunglasses.

And I love to give and receive hugs.

Great, big, MEANINGFUL hugs.

And for these two reasons alone, glasses just simply will not do. They get in the way.

There is no reason for me to doubt that it isn't going to be a success. I know that it has been God who has put sooooooooo many people and their success stories in my path over the past 7 weeks. I believe that He has done that for my own comfort and encouragement.

He will be with me.

His Will will be done.

And I will post my very own success story in a day or so.

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