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Thursday, March 17, 2011

corrective lenses

Allergens have been bothering my eyes A LOT recently. Actually, they have been bothering me for almost the entire past year. In February 2011 I started a series of eye doctor appointments and have been diagnosed with GPC, Giant Papillary Conjectivitus. Sounds painful. It is. According to the doctor and my own research, it is a problem that, once developed, will only get worse over time. Basically it is an irration/inflamation on the eyelids and very common among contact lense wearers.

There have been several times throught my contact lense-wearing career that I have had to go weeks/months without wearing my contacts AT ALL. I was first diagnosed with this when I was a Senior in High School. I don't know if they didn't explain it to me or if I just didn't care, but until this month I was unaware of the long term effects.

So, almost the entire month of February I was in my glasses. I love my glasses. I do not, however, love being told to wear them solely. They get in the way of hugs, sunglasses, and various hair accessorries. And, because I normally only wear them at night, they make me sleepy as my body has been conditioned to think that it is night-night time when I put them on.

I don't know if I did a lot of complaining during the last couple of weeks or if people just commented and/or asked about my glasses but I have run into more people than I can count that have had Lasik. I seriously think I learned of about 5 people each week who I know directly that have had the surgery within the last 10 years. And every single one of them said it was the best thing that they ever did for themself.

So today I made myself a consultation appointment! I wanted to go and have the visit before my next eye appointment (where they will be evaluating my lids and the trial contacts that I am in right now) and have to make a decision on the $600+ (yikes!) contacts that would be the best for my physical comfort and well-being.

If you have any thoughts or knowledge regarding this subject please, please comment!!!

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