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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day 2012

did you know?  A year that is not a leap year is called a common year.

Leap Day is here!

Like the Olympics, Leap Year only graces us with it's presence once every four years; however, unlike the summer games, there is no parade or celebration to usher in this momentous occasion?  My slightly quizzical brains begs to ask, 'Why not?'.  If the party-planning committee would call me I could share with them some [and only some] of my celebration ideas:

Play the World's largest game of Leap Frog…

Watch a Leap Day appropriate movie like Leap Day

Leap for joy at any and all good & exciting news…


LOL  [leap off lbs :) ]

Or, my best idea yet:  take the day off/catch up.
That's why it's here, isn't it?  To catch the calendar/time up to where it is supposed to be.  Unfortunately it would probably take the whole Leap Year for me to catch up.  Now there's a thought.
While riding in the car last night with Jeff as my driver I was thinking to myself [which I rarely do] and having a conversation in my head [which I always do].  I hold most of my conversations in two dimensions: part in my head and the other part out loud.  This confuses people who don't know me very well and frustrates those who do.  Last night was no different; I was thinking about Leap Day and it's purpose in the Gregorian calendar.  Why do we skip it?  Why don't we skip it?  And spend the official holiday catching up on bills, pen-pals, sleep, workouts; life.  And this is where my conversation went verbal...

'I think we should get Leap Day off.'

'Why would they give us a Wednesday off?'

'Because this Wednesday is Leap Day!!!'

'Yes, but it's still a Wednesday.  We aren't going to get a Wednesday off.'

'I just figured that we could skip a day to catch up.'

'Why would we get a day to catch up?'
'Because; the calendar gets to take a day and catch up!!!'
[Seeing our conversations written out-well, my part at least-reminds me of the many exchanges that I had with the kids that I used to babysit when I was in college.  Ha!]

The best/saddest Leap Day story I have heard to date was told to me by my parents.  I'm not certain of the year that this happened but am tempted to say that it was before they had kids.  While waiting in the airport one day they struck up a conversation with a couple sitting next to them.  [Really, it's no wonder why I can always find someone to talk to anywhere I go.]  For whatever reason they got on the topic of anniversary dates and the couple told them that they got married on February 29, 19xx.  Mom, ever the quick one with dates & numbers, asked, 'You got married on Leap Day?!'  Their response?  'Well no one told us beforehand that it was Leap Day!'.