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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blow dryers & mermaids' tears

PINK is my favorite color.

It always has been.

I presume it always will be.

Just this past weekend, my blow dryer exploded and died.  That blow dryer has seen me through college, grad school, and two years of ‘real’ life.  I guess the sentimental part of me says, ‘Aww, Revlon 1875, you’ve dried and prepped me for some very momentous occasions: 2 graduations, 10 days in Scotland/Ireland, and countless weddings.  It will be sad not to have you by my head ever again.’  But I’m not saying that.  I have been waiting for this moment for 6+ years.

I’ve wanted a PINK blow dryer for a long, long time.  My big day has finally come!  I know I sound super shallow but honestly, having a color stipulation worked to my benefit yesterday when I went to buy a new dryer.  I didn’t have to walk the aisles, weighing the benefits of ‘superfast’ settings, retractable cords, diffusers [What size?  What shape?!], designer labels, 2-3 speed settings, 1-6 heat settings, non-frizzers; you know the riggamaroo that I’m talking about.  Seriously!  You would need an Excel spreadsheet to sort all that mess out.  And even then you would probably leave carrying 0 purchased blow dryers and a frazzeled mess of hair because you pulled it all out trying to reach the decision that-in the end-you did not make.  This in turn invites every clerk that you pass from the blow dryer aisle to the front door to offer their two cents about not only which $150 blow dryer would be the perfect one for you, but irons, gels, and masks that would help tame that rattled mess you have growing out from your head.  And did I mention we offer salon services here as well?!?!

Bugh.  Not this time!  I have been waiting for this-should be-dreaded moment for a long time.  The only other feature I required was that it worked off of electricity and last time I checked, this was the 21st century.

Now granted, there were three or four PINK dryers and one zebra & PINK one displayed along the aisles.  I started practicing my deep breaths.  I then realized that all but one were over $75.00 and quite frankly, I see no need for that.  You give me a dryer that will dry my hair curly and then we’ll talk.  [My hair dries straight, hangs straight, curls straight, it does everything- you guessed it-straight.]  I went to that aisle, laughed for a moment, told the aisle ‘You will not ruin my day,’ picked up the PINK, $17.99 blow dryer and left the aisle as quickly as I had entered.  I cannot tell you how many settings it has, the brand, nor if it came with any brushes or diffusers because I have not actually taken it out of the box and used it yet.  The only problem we will have is if I pull out a blue or black dryer that requires batteries :)

Until recently, PINK has also been my choice of color for painting my nails about 98% of the time [1.8% RED and 0.2% ORANGE].  But lately I’ve been noticing other colors; namely hues and shades of GREENS.  After selecting my PINK blow dryer yesterday, I found myself at the wall of fingernail polish [we won’t even go into the decisions that go into that selection process].  I found the new OPI ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Collection and fell in love with ‘Mermaid’s Tears’.

I haven’t had a chance to apply it but cannot wait!  As a matter of fact, I think I will go do that.



Oh, it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?!