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Monday, March 21, 2011

rodeo round-up, rounds 3, 4, & 5

Oh my, the rodeo is over! I found myself jumping up and down last night and I have yet to decide if it was because I was having so much fun, if the band was playing a really awesome song, or if I’m just glad the thing is leaving town!

I made it to the rodeo 5 times this year! That is already 5 times more than I have ever been. Ha! I really did enjoy every minute of it and am now wondering what I’m going to have to look forward to during the month of April.

Thursday night I went with a group of 6 to see Zac Brown Band. We had a lot of fun and ran into a ton of friends who were also there to enjoy the evening.

You cannot go to the rodeo without stopping in one of the fabulous food tents. Kitchens from all over are brought in and set up in the middle of the parking lot. Delightful aromas scream out from booths like Pappasito’s, Pappadeaux’s, Freebirds, Goode Co. BBQ, Margaritaville, to name a few. Plus, there are a plethora of BBQ stands that serve Tornado Taters, sausage on a stick, hamburgers, corn dogs, roasted corn, and….TURKEY LEGS!

This turkey leg was exceptionally delicious although I was only able to eat about half of mine. Thank goodness Todd was hungry and graciously took over where I left off.

Ellen = 1/2 Turkey leg
Todd= 4/3 Turkey leg

Oh, to have the stomach size and metabolism of a boy!

We didn’t get to see much of the rodeo Thursday night; weekday rodeos are hard to make as everyone and their mom is getting off work at the same time as people who starting their trek to the rodeo (and are getting off work themselves). We did get to see the women’s barrel racing, calf scramble, chuck wagon racing, and, my favorite, mutton busting. Those kids are so stinkin’ cute!

Zac Brown Band was on set for Thursday night. The concert was amazing! I love their almost-blue grassy sound. There was an organ, upright piano, cello, and many more instruments on the stage. They also played Charlie Daniels' ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’= A-MAY-ZING.

On our way out of the stadium we had to stop and get a group picture looking out over the carnival! The lights are so pretty at night.

After nixing The Hideout and some dancing (due to a line that went clear to the state line) we all decided to buy tickets to play games and ride rides. We made it 4 feet before Will found this shooting game where he proceeded to spend the rest of his night and money. We never could figure out why he wanted the pink bike so much.

While the boys shot guns we (the girls) wandered off to find a ride to occupy us. The Tilt-A-Twirl won are attention and we had a blast. Emily took a fun ‘helmet-view’ video of the ride but it’s still on her camera that is now 70+ miles away :( Here is an action shot! I liked that the inside was painted fuschia!

I really, really wanted to go see Brad Paisley on Saturday but by the time I looked into buying tickets they were sold out. I was excited, though, when a friend called me at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday that she had two tickets that she wasn’t going to be able to use. I was at the eye doctor when she called and 10 minutes before her phone call they had numbed and dilated my eyes. This made making arrangements somewhat difficult (thank goodness my phone is ipad sized) but was excited that my brother got to go with me for a brother-sister date. It was good to hang out with him as we don’t get to do that very often. Emily always seems to get in the way ;)

I was very upset when I got to the rodeo and realized that I had left me phone AND my camera in various vehicles that were parked throughout the city. So I didn’t get many pictures. Andrew’s phone was dying itself so he turned it on real quick after we got out of the stadium for this picture. We were trampled immediately after this was taken as no one seemed to have any regard that we had stopped in the middle of the street and were blocking the natural pedestrian flow of traffic. I needed that picture!!!

Closing day of the rodeo was a lot of fun as well. After church, our group of 8 girls gathered at our favorite clothing boutique, Francesca’s, where a few of us picked out new outfits, sunglasses, and earrings to wear for the day. (I was completely satisfied with my outfit and accessories until my eye caught the most darling pair of earrings that screamed at me when I tried to pass them up on the display table. They really, really wanted to go hear Jason Aldean as well.) Doesn't everyone look so cute!?

Lindsay and I made it to the rodeo 5 times each! I think 5 is enough, although there were a few other concerts that I would have really enjoyed and plenty other delicious foods to try!

Pretty sure this is Jason Aldean's green tractor!

Lookin' fly

We found some cute boys to dance with at The Hideout ;)

Amanda and I vowed to be on a committee next year; 2 tickets X 25 days = 1 month of chaos! We also decided that we undoubtedly need to move in to the city. So, if you're in town next year, you know where to find me!

Oh, and one last thing. I LOVE my new boots. I NEVER thought I would see the day that I said that. But I am very proud of them. I ended up wearing them 4 days this week?! This is where they have been all week: in the floor board, ready and willing!

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