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Friday, March 16, 2012

a sad day indeed

Today is a difficult day for me; I'm saying 'Good-Bye' to something that I have grown very fond of and even though it was very short lived, it is something that one can become accustomed to very quickly.  Like a drug, it's effects are felt immediately.  So much so that eliminating it from your daily routine can cause, among other things, anxiety, anger, stress, and loss of sleep.

Yes.  Today I say 'Good-Bye' to Spring Break and it's positive effect on Houston rush hour traffic.  This is a big deal.  And not just because my morning commute takes about 1/47 of the norm but also the reason why I am sad that Spring Break is ending shows me so much about myself: I am growing up.

Like so many, my Spring Breaks use to always take place somewhere between the water's edge and my condo's back door.  But not any more.  Now that I'm all grown up I get to get up and go to work everyday and imagine my spot in the sand.

Spring Break has taken on a whole new meaning for me: almost no rush hour traffic.  As in Zero.  Zilch.  Non-Existent.

I took advantage of it this morning by leaving for work at approximately the same time that traffic is normally at it's worst.  I never hit the breaks.  [On the interstate.]

Morning commutes normally look like this: bleary-eyed and all...

 ...and, with the exception of a hurricane evacuation, they NEVER look like this...

...this week has been GLORIOUS; all the roads have looked like this...

...but come next Monday morning, add 2,000,000 people and at least 17 of these...

 ...we will [sadly] be back to this....................................

But it ends today.  No more brake-less morning commutes.  No more available spots on the third floor of the parking garage.  No more quick shopping trips at lunch.  Yes, ma'am, Monday morning will not be bright, beaming, nor beautiful chez Ellen.  My sleep will be cut short by an earlier alarm AND said alarm [alarms at my house!] will ring annoyingly BEFORE the sun comes up.  Thank you, Daylight Savings.

Happy Friday :)

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