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Monday, March 26, 2012

and then there were none

'Snaps & snails, & puppy-dogs' tails;
And that's what little boys are made of.'
—Mother Goose

I don't remember actually finding out that Andrew was going to be a 'boy'.  I do remember, though, not knowing—Mom & Dad would talk about 'If it's a Girl' names & 'If it's a Boy' names.  But as fas as where I was & what my reaction was to, 'Girls, you're going to have a little brother in five months!', I have nothing.

I do remember a few things around his birth.  Like the Bike-A-Thon that I was participating in on the Saturday that he was born.  I fell and skinned my knee; Dad, who had dropped me off and gone back to the hospital to be with the baby was not there to kiss it.  I'm not bitter at all.

There was also the first time that Dad changed Andrew's diaper—Dad's diaper-switch-and-cover was not executed in a boy-appropriate timely fashion.  For those of you with sons you need no further explanation. For those of you who are now thinking, 'I should have had a son', I have provided you with a nice, stick-figure diagram:

Then there was the time that Emily decided to form tackle me in the hallway while I was carrying three-month-old Andrew.  This did not end too well.  I was hurt from the fall, Emily was hurt from the spankings  she received for causing the fall, and Andrew—thanks to my wolf-mom-like instincts—made it through the fall without a scratch.

I don't think any more examples are necessary for you to clearly see that I was always the victim and/or hero growing up in my family.  But trust me, I could go on.  For days.

But even though he put me through all of that I still love him to pieces.  I really have enjoyed having a brother to learn from & disgust me.  I really have learned a lot from him through the years and I know it has helped prepare me for future relationships, marriage, & life in general.  Some things I've learned:

  • Boy's really are made of puppy-dogs' tails; they can & will smell bad.
  • They have good intentions but they can & will disappoint.  For my birthday last year the family met and ate at a restaurant in Houston.  This meant that Emily & Andrew—both of whom were in school—had to drive to Houston at some point.  Everyone was able to be there and it was a lovely time.  BUT, the dinner was not actually held on my birthday; it was two days before.  On my actual birthday I received phone calls, texts, & emails from all of my family except for my brother.  I didn't say anything to him but it still hurt my feelings a little a lot; Emily was none too happy either.  On Emily's birthday three weeks later Andrew approached her and wished her a Happy Birthday to which she replied, 'Thanks; but you forgot Ellen's birthday.  When were you going to wish her a happy year?  Hmm?!'  [You go, girl!]  I wasn't there to witness it but when Emily relayed the exchange to me she told me that he looked very confused and reminded her that, Yes, he too was present at my birthday dinner.  But that wasn't her actual birthday.  And would you know that he actually had to ask her when my birthday actually was?!  Bottom Line: He made the effort to be there [all while he was sick AND he really didn't have time to take off from work] and he didn't complain.  He thought he had done good.  And he did; it did mean a lot that he was there.  Honestly, I'm really glad that it all happened as I know that I learned from the situation.
  • Any ball of the basket, soccer, base, hackie-sack, soft, Nerf, or wiffle variety can & will keep them entertained for hours.  Days even.  Weeks...
  • They will never truly 'grow up'; they will grow in stature but they can & will be a boy at heart until the day they die.  But this is why we love them, right?
  • And, if you're lucky like myself, he is a spiritual leader.  And this is simply the best; to be able to go to and talk 'real-life' in the Biblical context with your brother.  A true blessing.

I have learned much, much more [they steal your toilet paper and other bathroom supplies when they don't want to walk downstairs themselves] but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Wearing the 'Alabama' baseball tee that I gave him!
Yesterday we all met up to celebrate Andrew's 21st Birthday!?!?!?!?!?  This does not seem right; not right at all.  But according to his birth certificate, passport, driver's license, and cross-stitched birth announcement on his wall it is true.  Trust me, I've checked.  So now, we are officially a family of adults; there are no more underage, minors, teens, or Barney reruns at our house.  It makes me sad but I know that this is just a turning point and we are all ready for the next stages—whatever that may be—in life.

Mom & Dad and their not-so-baby Baby!

Happy Birthday, REIUX!!!  
Now that you're 21, don't do anything that I wouldn't do ;)

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