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Sunday, October 2, 2011

rollin' into October with the Tide

I am happy to report that October has been a pretty month so far.  The month was ushered in with cool weather, good [well, mostly good...the Aggies didn't fare so well] football, and the family all at home.

A while back I had told a friend [Bonnie] from work that I would help her make some decorations for her upcoming high school reunion.  She had asked me a while back to help her make a 'C F' like the '6 0' that I made for my Grandparents' anniversary party back in May.  Due to poor planning on my part I was afraid that I wasn't going to get them completed by the day of the reunion [today!].  But thanks to past experience and a sleeping baby, I was able to work quickly and efficiently while baby-sitting last night.  I got them to her just in the nick of time today and she was so excited to have them!  I was also very pleased with how they turned out.  These tissue paper flowers are super easy to make [although somewhat time consuming] and when added to foam core cut-outs make excellent photo ops for parties and events.

After I met Bonnie to deliver the goods, Emily met me at the mall and we headed out on a little afternoon sister outing: lunch at Panera Bread, accessory shopping at Charming Charlie, matching shoe purchases at Marhsall's, and a couple other miscellaneous stops inside the mall.  Aside from a cigar-smoking man at the table next to us during lunch it was a good afternoon.

Until we got home. 

As we got out of the car, Emily immediately began transferring her shopping bags from my car to her car lest she drive off tonight and leave the bags here with me in my car [which I would not have minded too much].  Only transferring proved to be much more difficult than one would think as her car was no where to be seen; not in the garage, the driveway, the street.  Turns out we left it at the mall.  Yep.  [Remember '[slightly] sane'?!]

Right as we are realizing this we see Dad and Andrew coming around the back of the house, an outdoor dining table in hand.  Looks like we are eating outside...or nope, the table landed in the garage.  We are eating in the garage.  Oh yes, the Alabama game is on at 7:00 and is that steak I smell?!

The weather was so nice today!  It made for a perfect dining experience.  Unfortunately the bugs got the best of us [the females] and most of us moved into the house to finish the first half of the game.

At half time Emily and I had to go retrieve her lonesome, forgotten car.  There went 50 minutes and $4.57 in gas that I'll never get back.  Well, I really only lost 25 minutes as the first half of the round trip Emily and I spent wrapping up the 32 conversations that we left unfinished throughout the day.

So now I'm back on the sofa, catching the last quarter of the game.  Penny Lacy just walked in another touchdown to make the score 42-10 Alabama.  Roll Tide!

And to cap off the night, I just found out that I have cable in my upstairs living quarters.  Actually, I just found out that I've had cable up here for my entire stay at this address.  Sigh.  I've always wondered what that extra remote was for...

Yep, it was a good day!  Happy October!

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