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Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkin cake & aggieland

Happy Halloween!  I hope this finds your with fun plans for today/tonight.  I know some people got to dress up and go to work today.  How fun is that?!

I don't have any plans for tonight and am kind of excited about it.  Lame, I'm sure, but I'm hoping to get some stuff done around the house.

I did get into the spirit this weekend and made a Pumpkin Cake.  I was proud of how it turned out AND it tasted really yummy, too.  I decided to make it an all out pumpkin cake and stuck with the tastes of Fall by using Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix [click here for what looks like a delicious recipe!] and Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Cream Cheese Icing.  Hmmmmmmmm hhhhhmmmmm!  It was tasty!

Emily gave me the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan this past Christmas and I am ashamed to say that until this past weekend, I have not used it.  So, I was determined to make this work.  I used a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Miniature for the step of the nose.  The cake came out kinda squatty...there wasn't enough batter in the mix to fill both sides of the pan up.  But actually, I think it worked out for the best in this case.  Now I know for next time, though.

Did I mention it was super Yummy?!

We also went the the Texas A&M vs. Univ. of Missouri game with my parents.  It didn't turn out so well.  I'm not exactly sure what happened but I do know we did not come out with a W. :(

*The original content of this post has been edited.  I was informed post-posting that the game I ACTUALLY went to was Texas A&M vs. MIZZOU!!!  I really was there, I really did watch the game, and I really do enjoy football.  However, I seem to find it difficult when keeping up with more than one team and have a tendency to up-mix my who-played-who'sThank you, Jake, and welcome to my life :)

The sun got in the way of the fly-over!

The Nationally Ranked Fightin' Texas Aggie Band

It wasn't until about the middle of the 3rd Quarter that I started to feel my right shoulder burning.  It had been soooo cold that morning that I didn't even think about sunscreen.  I always remember when it's 100 degrees outside.  But as it was on Saturday morning, I woke up a frozen popsickle and donned furry boots, leggings, fleece jacket, and scarf over my game day dress.  Sunscreen was NOT on my mental radar.  By 1:00 pm, however, I had shed my furry boots, scarf, jacket, and leggings in that order.  When I came back from removing my leggins Mom leaned over and asked, 'You aren't taking off any more, are you?!'  Haha!  No, Mom, but I should have PUT ON sunscreen during one of those wardrobe changes.  The 4th Quarter was just a little too late.  I have not been this badly burned in a long time...

You can't tell it as much in the picture, but my face looks awful!  I have crazy lines and splotches all over the place.  I am not looking so good right now.

We decided that this is a very innovative way of costuming and we would go as raccoon's or bandits.  No costume necessary!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

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  1. i should make that a photo project. taking pictures of people's burn lines from football games...hmmm when's the next home game??


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