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Friday, April 29, 2011

tornado alley

I would like to take a time-out and remember all of the people in the southeastern states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia who have been affected by the awful tornadoes that have been wreaking havoc the past few days. I have not watched much of the news coverage but what I have seen has made me sick to my stomach.

I grew up in southern Louisiana where tornados were very few and far between. Thus I do not like them and they scare me to death. Give me a hurricane any day over a tornado. When I moved to Alabama for undergrad I didn’t go with the general fears and nervous feelings that most freshman go to school with, no. My biggest fears weren’t professors, sharing a dorm with millions (100) of girls, or The Freshman 15. I was scared to death of the possibility and likelihood of tornados (and driving in the mountains). I cannot fathom how terrifying being in the storm must have been.

I have probably spent a total of 6 years of my life in Alabama, The Beautiful, so the people and state are very near and dear to my heart. I have gotten updates from many of them; so far all are okay, have minimal damage and some still without power.

Some of my loved ones in the area:

Grandmother & Granddaddy T-North Alabama
About 90% of my ENTIRE family-North Alabama
Aunt C & Uncle T-Georgia
Ellen & Jeremy & Company-Georgia
Laura & Company-Georgia
David & Penny, Marshal, Cason-Birmingham
Savannah & Phillip-Tuscaloosa
So many more that I either haven't heard from or gotten a chance to talk to.

During one of the tornado breaks my Granddaddy walked some of their property to access damages. He came back reporting that 50+ trees just behind their house were down. More tornados ensued soon after. It isn’t the tree count that scares me but the fact that the tornados are ‘too close to home’, literally.

Please continue to pray for the people who lost everything, loved ones, and ‘normal’ life as they knew it.

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