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Monday, April 4, 2011

'Eye' can see clearly now....

‘Eye’ marked it on the calendar in blue, permanent ink
And anxiously a’ waited for one entire week.

‘Eye’ was mostly excited to be able to see
But on the day before, ‘Eye’ began to get cold feet.

So ‘Eye’ went to the gym, thought a work-out just might help;
Stayed going on the treadmill ‘till no more nerves ‘Eye’ felt.

‘Eye’ cleared out all my drawers of solutions & cases,
Knew ‘Eye’ld have no trouble filling up the empty spaces.

‘Eye’ recounted my eye-drops, prescriptions, & meds,
Ensuring ‘Eye’ had them all before going to bed.

My mom & ‘Eye’ were ready with ample time to spare
To pick up chicken biscuits to eat on our way there.

While waiting we played scrabble, it kept my mind at ease;
This was the last hour ‘Eye’ld need my glasses to see!

They charged my card & prepped me up; never once felt faint
When Dr. J assured me that he would feel no pain!

‘Eye’ had hand-picked out my footies to wear to the event,
He showed them off to everyone; they were such a hit!

The surgery went by fast; we mostly talked & sang.
‘Eye’m being very honest, ya'll: I barely felt a thing!!!

Next was the recovery, my mom clearly relieved;
Don’t think she had breathed out once, nervous she was for me!

They put these goggles on my face & promised they looked cool.
‘’Eye’ can see!’ ‘Eye’ cried, ‘And ‘Eye’ don’t care if ‘Eye’ look a fool.’

Exiting the building, ‘Eye’ already could count bricks.
To think of all the things ‘Eye’ve missed; Oh! It makes me sick.

My eyes so clear, ‘Eye’ even see the thoughts up in your mind;
Thank you, Dr. J & staff, for giving me new Eyes!!!

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  1. So clever and so exciting!!!! Yay for you!!!


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