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Monday, May 2, 2011

up next: talent show

Still playing catch-up! I have big plans to completely catch up by the end of this week. Unfortunately I tend to fold in the face of Big Plans but I am going to do my best!

The majority of April was spent planning and preparing for our single's department-wide talent show, Singlelife's Got Talent: The Sequel.

I mainly helped on the decorations committee. Lindsay graciously became my design partner in designing and creating the foyer/entrance that we were in charge of. Lindsay is an Interior Designer as well and working together was made easier due to this fact. We both use similar methods of attack in planning and process stages of a project. I really enjoyed working with her and so thankful she agreed to help! As designers always do, we probably bit off more than we could chew (our own faults) but the finished product came out better than we had even imagined thus pleasing us both.

We had 3 primary focal points in the entry way: a marquis, 'and the winner is...' wall, and the entry into the 'theater'. The overall theme for the talent show was 'The Sequel' with Red Carpet appeal. The marquis displayed the acts and people that would be performing.

The 'and the winner is...' wall turned out very cute as well. The idea for this wall was to create a visual 'Now Showing' list like the ones often seen outside of theaters. Emily happened to be in town on the night of dress rehearsal and greatly helped us out by photographing each act as well as most of the committees.

Most people were not happy with me when I asked them to pose for a picture as I did not warn them coming into rehearsal. They all turned out really good, though, even if no one was primped or rested!

Sarah had an AMAZING performance.

Dressed as a Swiss 'Yodeler', she yodeled her way through 'The Lonely Goatherd' fromThe Sound of Music.

The Adair 'Andrew' Sisters.

They blew my socks off. Their rendition of 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' was incredible. They also have an older brother who has been serving in the military overseas. How cool?!

The 'We've got talent, how 'bout you?!' film reel was super easy to create and uber-cute! It hung above the entrance to the 'Theater'. Somehow we made it to church and set-up without a step-ladder. Thankfully some very tall boys arrived early and graciously lent a 'tall' hand for set-up and tear-down.

As I said, I really enjoyed working with Lindsay. As the final hour drew near we both got a little snippy and bossy with those helping us with final preparations. We assured them that was called 'Delegating' Ha! We finished with about 25 minutes before curtain call and celebrated by sitting in my car while listening to the quite, eating Subway, and re-deodorant-ing. Thank you, Lindsay!!!

Lauren was the Decorating Team leader. She is one of the most organized people I know. She took on no small challenge herself: the gym was magically turned into a Dazzling Red Carpet Theater that fit the bill perfectly. She even had a Star-worthy red carpet center aisle!

Me, Lauren, Lindsay

To plan and pull off something of this magnitude requires so many sets of hands, spreadsheets, and midnight texting marathons. It's always rewarding when a huge event like this turns out with minimal hiccups.

Linsday, Me, Heather, & Becca
Looks like I'm doing all the work here. Ha!

And the master minds of the whole event: Khris and Greg. These two began planning and organizing committees way before most even know about the show. They did an amazing job. Poor Khris received an email/text/phone call from me an average 3.7 per day during the weeks leading up to the event. One night we were g-chatting at 1:00 a.m.!!!

Thank you was AWESOME!!!

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