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Sunday, February 19, 2012

a desperate plea: have you seen my pants?!

I can't find my pants.  I am dead serious.  The last I remember having them was January 26, 2012.  To erase any concern or worry away from what I am sure you are thinking right about now I want to say that I do have other pants, skirts, and other miscellaneous bottom-half apparel; I have not been going around uncovered for the past 3 weeks.  Although, I could; it has been so incredibly warm here that unclothed or bathing suits, at least, would sometimes be more comfortable.

But back to the pants.  It is a nice pair of black pants from the LOFT that fit extremely well.  You don't mess with pants that fit extremely well.  They are my 'short' pair a.k.a. ones-I wear-with-flats-to-the-office pants.  And they are missing.  On first instinct I thought that possibly, hopefully, they were mis-packed somewhere as they disappeared two days before the weekend that my entire life was packed in boxes.  My hope has faded, though, as any and all of the boxes and bags there were packed that weekend have now been unpacked and/or torn apart.  Please, if you have seen my pants, contact me A.S.A.P.

Okay, so it's not only my pants that have gone amiss: my pretty, black ruffled pea-coat has now been missing for a while as well.  It was last seen [according to Jeff] keeping me warm and fashionable on January 13, 2012.  I just realized that that was a Friday the 13th . . . if I were superstitious I might be quick to assume that the missing coat is a freaky Friday kind of thing.  But I'm not; although I am tempted by the idea.

Emily & I have always shared most of our clothes.  Whether intentional [what Mom bought us when we were little] or unintentional [when we show up wearing the same thing at church and are both playing a piano and/or keyboard on stage] we have also always owned many of the same articles of clothing.  Even during the times that we have lived more than 700 miles apart we somehow manage to buy an impressive portion of the same things.  We must have been roommates at some point.  I found this darling little coat on Black Friday of this past year.  It practically grabbed me from the aisle; Jeff had never seen anything like it.  I knew at first sight that we were meant to be and within minutes I was the proud owner of a coat.  Emily then went and bought the same thing in cream a few days later.  [Cream so we could share; after all, if it's a different color it is not the same thing.  Clearly.]  I highly suspected her of 'borrowing' my coat after I searched my hotel room, car, Jeff's apartment, and my room at my parents' house.  She has reported that she does not have it but I'm contemplating a trip to her house soon just to be sure.

But wait, there's more!

They say everything happens in '3's', right?!  Well of course I would hate to be the one to throw that scale;  I am also sad to report another missing item.  Well items, actually.  One is a bag that I got in Scotland and the other is the bag's contents: baby blanket that I am currently working on.

Emily & I both bought this bag during our visit to Macintosh's hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.  I love his work and was so excited to experience some of his marks on the city.

And now it's missing.  Along with the blanket inside.  I wanted to have it made by now; especially since the baby has already made her appearance!

I have moved a lot in my lifetime.  I suppose there are many more to come, too.  I always seem to lose something during each move.  In the past, though, it has been in smaller forms such as a stack of checks [graduation], refrigerator magnets, movies, and books with the occasional disappearance of clothing articles such as camisoles.  You know, small things.  So, if you have seen any of these things [maybe I left them at your house?] or have any suggestions as to places I should look next please, please let me know; a cash reward may be negotiated.


  1. remember the time i lost 3 dresses and it took me several months to realize they were all gone? i still want them all back. how do you lose 3 dresses?? and i never had them all at the same time to lose at once. i also have lost my entire set of keys as well as my mailbox key that was unattached to said keyring. i still haven't found them...I DID NOT STEAL YOUR BLACK COAT.

  2. Um, can you remind me what 3 dresses are missing? I'm not saying they are but it's possible I saw some foreign dresses hanging in my closet. Although technically, Mom says it's your closet. Therefore, in the event that the dresses in question are hanging in there I will plead the 5th.


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