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Monday, February 13, 2012

business card trading

'Here, let me give you my card.'

Business cards.  I've never had one with my name on it before.  Well, I did have some back in grad school, or any time I was heavy on the job hunt.  A more accurate name for the cards I used to carry would be a 'Contact Card' as there was no business advertised on these homemade cards.  And that's another thing: they were homemade.  Not that that's bad or anything.  But no business hands out homemade cards.  Can you imagine if they did?!

I've always enjoyed collecting business cards from people.  I've also always wanted to take part in business card trading activities but have never had one of my own to trade.  Thankfully the aren't expensive like baseball trading cards [but just as valuable!] and people are willing to give you one without receiving one in return.

When I started my new job this past November, I realized that I was one [a giant one!] step closer to getting my business cards.  In fact, Jeff and I happened to go to Freebird's the night before my first day at work.  After making it through the line and waiting for Jeff at the pay counter I began making small talk with the employee.  He made the mistake of asking me how I was doing and I broke like a dam and began telling him my life's story, beginning with graduating with an M.Arch in 2009!  About halfway through I realized that he might not want to be having this conversation [well, he was only listening] but his excited expression told me otherwise.  I even gave him an out, saying, 'You probably do not want to hear all of this....but I'm SO EXCITEDDDDD!!!!'  He begged me to continue.

Somewhere mid-tell-all, my gaze landed on the Drop-Your-Business-Card-In-For-A-Chance-At-Winning-A-Free-Lunch fishbowl.  'I will GET to drop my business cards in fishbowls all over the city for a chance at winning free lunches!!!' I excitedly exclaimed.  Jeff put on his best 'That's my Girl' smile that really says, 'Are YOU Serious?!  You do know we are in Public?!?!' to me but I didn't care: I will now have the choice of dropping in my business card at various fishbowls.

I thought that day had finally come last week when I got to the office and saw rubber-banded stacks of freshly printed business cards on everyone's desk.  'I can hand these out at our family birthday dinner tonight; my gift to them!'  I thought.  So cool!  But upon further scrutiny I saw that under my name the title 'Office Manager' was listed.  'Um, are you guys trying to tell me something?!?!'  Much to my dismay [and relief as I was assured that I was not the new office manager] the cards were whisked from my hands for reprinting.  I was devastated.


THE day has finally come AND my NAME and TITLE are CORRECT!!!  I've already put a few in the mail to friends & family, had a trading party with Dad, Jeff, & Mom [carrying a homemade sticky-note version herself.  Ha!], and filled up my brand new business card carrying case.

My Aunt sent Emily & I business card carrying cases for Christmas.  Isn't it pretty?!  The image on the front is a Charles Rennie Mackintosh fabric design.  Mackintosh is one of my most favorite designers/architects/artists.  Emily & I were able to stop for a 2-day visit in his hometown, Glasgow, Scotland, where we were able to enjoy many of his furniture, fabric, & pattern designs as well as visit some of his designs such as the Willow Tea Room and Glasgow School of Art.

*For security reasons I will not post an image of my new card.

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