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Friday, February 3, 2012

hair today, older tomorrow

You know you have trained your almost 21-year-old brother well when he calls you—his seven-year senior—on your birthday and says, 'Happy 24th Birthday!'  We both know that he has wished this same thing to me for the past several years and counting but neither one mentions that.  In fact, he hung just after reminding me that I have 365 days to plan for my 21st birthday.  Ha!  Yes, ma'am [and sirs] we have trained him well.

I hate getting older.  I don't know why; it's just how I've always been.  I think maybe since I am the oldest of three kids I get a thrill any time I am the youngest, spryest [Ha!] person in a group.

So my theory is this: if you have to get older you might as well celebrate for a month.  Yes, that's right, your entire birth month.  I have decided that January is the best birth-month: everyone is gathered together to ring in the start of your month and usually do so with fireworks and festivities.  And until recently, January was end-capped with a big Super Bowl party.  There are better birth-months I suppose.  Like July, maybe, when it's fun in the sun time and your actual birth-day isn't five weeks after Christmas and two weeks before Valentine's Day.  Not that it's about the gifts and special meals or anything.

Hidden in my new cubby was Stacy's birthday wish.
This year my birthday fell on the day after we moved into our new office space.  [This also happens to be my first birthday while working a full-time job!]  Things were [and still are] a little crazy and misplaced but my co-workers made it special for me.  Katherine made cupcakes for me to hand out at my discretion.  I don't remember exactly how it started but I, the Birthday Princess, made it a rule that in order to partake in a yummy, buttercream frosted cupcake you had to first sing me a song.  Happy Birthday was preferred but any song was accepted.

All in a hard day's work.  Enjoying my view & coffee, and cupcake, too!
One of the partners really wanted a cupcake; he bit the bullet and sang 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' complete with the hand motions!  Our office manager had no problem with the rules and belted out a lovely rendition of Bette Midler's 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.  It was amazing the excuses and exceptions to the rule that people tried to pull, too.

Heather gave me a goodie bag with lots of girlie things;
 I LOVE these magnets!
After work, Jeff took Heather and I out for Mexican.  So yummy!  We had a fun time eating chips, more chips, quesadilla's, and more chips while talking and catching up.  [Jeff would claim that I alone did the talking, questioning & answering, and catching up.  Ha!]

I tried really hard to get my hair cut before my birthday but unfortunately it didn't get done.  I have been in desperate need of a cut for more than three months now.  Seriously.  I was dreading what I knew would be the all too familiar feeling of I'm-too-embarrased-to-be-sitting-in-your-chair-just-cut-what-you-must.  But I was able to go the day after my birthday and am now at the ready for any more birthday celebrations.  There are a few more birthday celebrations planned and I'm looking forward to them!  I have to be careful, though, as I've already ruined my welcome in Emily's birthday month ;)

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  1. I forgive you for treading in on my birthday month. I bought a car the night of your birthday dinner just to get even. :)


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