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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rolling with the tide carrying a crystal ball

Roll Tide, Roll!!!

I had really hoped to be at least half-way through my December Recap Marathon by now but alas I have yet to even begin.  So here I am, jumping way ahead of my journaling/blogging trek and posting this anyways.  But I simply couldn't wait to share this picture!  And I decided it best to keep up with the current times than to let things stack up like my Gmail Inbox that now has somewhere around 712 unread emails.

So, in case you haven't heard, allow me to inform you that The Crimson Tide has done it again!  On Monday night the whole family and all significant others gathered for an evening of food and football.  We had every type of sports fan represented among our group of eight.  Some individuals cared more about the food than the game while others were too nervous about the game to care about the food.  Everyone else fell somewhere in between.

And what a game!  The highly anticipated re-match [at least in our house] of the No. 1 & 2 teams in college football was one of the most exciting games I've seen all season [again, at least in our house].  Being that all 3 of us were born in Louisiana and lived there for all or most of our growing up days we have a ton of friends that attended and are HUGE LSU fans.  I'm sorry; I've always tried to convince you that crimson and houndstooth is a much more fashionable and beautiful color combination.

Victory Photo!
Jeff, Ellen & 'Bear' the Monkey [wearing an Alabama onesie], Jake & the newest Elephant member of the family, Emily & her helmet, Rebekah, Andrew, Mom & her stuffed football, Dad, and The Crimson Tide Blanket/backdrop
Yes, we really did all wear this for the event and yes, we did have every Alabama related piece of clothing, cover, memorabilia, elephant, food, and utensils that we own out for showcase.  Bear Bryant's signed photograph was even there watching the game with us.  I also found the cutest cups on Football Fanatic: Red and houndstooth!  Half-time dessert was a delicious Red Velvet Cake [half iced with nuts & half without, of course].

Congratulations, Bama Boys and Nick!

BCS National Champions 2012

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