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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[drm] new year's, fireworks, & rooftops

We headed to Dallas to be with Jeff's family and ring in the New Year.  His older brother, wife, & 8-week-old nephew were in for the weekend as well.  His younger brother—whose toothbrush I mistakenly commandeered—was home for winter break & probably couldn't wait for all of us to leave!  [Especially after the stolen toothbrush incident.]

We spent the first part of New Year's Eve with Liz's sisters & their men at a DeLiCiouS steak house called Bob's Steak & Chop House.  Very well worth every $pent!  The portions were HUGE!!!  I wasn't even able to touch half of my plate.  They serve a single carrot on every plate & were hands down the largest carrots I've ever seen!   Of course I had to take a panorama & wished that it had a 360 setting!  But for now we'll have to work with two 180's :)

After dinner we were invited to Katie's [Liz's sister] townhouse to hang out and watch the fireworks show from her rooftop terrace.  I now want a rooftop terrace; will have to add that in my rental search criteria.

Kevin & Jeff
Some of my second family/cousins and sister stopped by for a little bit.  I wish they had gotten to stay longer but I was able to snap a few pictures of a few of them before they left.

Emily, Ellen, & Sandy on the rooftop!  Slightly windy :)
Just before midnight.  We enjoyed several different fireworks shows
in neighboring suburbs.  I heart fireworks
Sue prepared a huge meal for us on New Year's Day.  She & Tom had purchased a 42 pound [seemed like it!] prime rib.  I have always admired Jeff's cooking skills—some might say that's why we started dating in the first place— so I didn't know what to make of everyone looking on as he sliced & diced.  Does he require supervision?!  Or are their mouths just drooling?!

Chef Jeff in his new Dez Bryant jersey :)
We exchanged Christmas gifts on New Year's Day, too.  I was very excited to receive a new charm for my charm bracelet: a 2012 Heart symbolizing our New Year's together.

Kevin & Liz, new momma & daddy!
And this is what I did about 50% of the time that we were at the house:

Baby nap time; look at his little leg warmers!!!!
Part of me didn't even want to go to dinner Saturday night as I would have much preferred to sit peacefully and hold Jeff's brand new nephew.  He is so precious!!!  This was Jeff's first time to meet baby Cameron [mine, too].  

All of the Men; the girls are slightly outnumbered :)


  1. emily's bangs on the roof top are a-m-a-z-i-n-g

  2. Thank you; I styled them myself. I'm not sure why you ever called on me to come and fix your hair disasters ;)


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