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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[drm] emily's a master!!!

Welp, folks, Emily graduated for the 3rd & final time about a month ago.  She has officially caught up with me.  [I have way-hey more hours than her but who's counting?!]  This post mainly consists of pictures; I think they do a great job of taking you through the day and emotions.

At my High School graduation [about 3 years ago :)] the three of us took a picture that has forever remained one of our favorites.  Since then, we pose for a re-make at each and every graduation.  While the places & positions stay the same the cap & gown float around amongst the three of us.  So in case you are wondering--No, I do not normally pose for pictures with my arm 'casually' thrown around Andrew's shoulders nor does Emily wear a cape that requires my support.  This is just what we do.  Maybe one day I will collect and post all of the pictures in a post.  We've had so many graduations, though, that it will probably be longer than this true Picture Post!

This is one of my favorites of the day.  I titled it 'Whether You find my name or not I'm leaving this place in T-Minus 8 Hours'!!!  Ha!  With her Committee Chair--Josh--peering over her shoulder it might not be too far from the truth!

I am so proud of her!  And not envious at all, at all, at all...I usually experience a shortness of breath & breakout in hives whenever I go back to the halls & dungeons that I called 'home' for three longer-than-long years.

At one of the main entrances of the building hangs a large picture of the first graduating class of the School of Architecture at TAMU [1950 something].  Beneath it hangs an 8 x 10 of the same guys at their 50 year reunion.  Being the Master's that we are [ha!] we thought it would be a great idea to recreate the picture.  So to the steps we trekked but this time with slightly more colorful [and much less formal] clothing, three times as many graduates, 100% more international students, and females.  I then printed out 5 x 7s to hand out to all of our professors lest they forget their most favorite & impressive class yet.  I also made two 8 x 10s and framed them to hang on the other side of the original graduating class.  I didn't ask, I just took a hammer & nail and hung them.  And they are still there :)  I think people just assume they are supposed to be there!  I always go in to check on it.  Cracks me up every time.

If e'er there was an awkward family photo here it is.  I think Jake was playing with the camera and getting accustomed [er, as accustomed as one can get with that giant hunk of lenses] to the lights, zooms, etc.  We were mid seat selections, bathroom runs, & wheelchairs when he said, 'Smile!' and so we did, frozen in our current states.

As I mentioned before, Jeff got me a camera with a sweet panorama feature.  Emily, here is proof that Jake was present and very happy to be there :)

Love this :)  Even though Andrew was a party pooper and refused to mirror me on Emily's other cheek.  How rude!

After graduation we trail-blazed our way over to Abuelo's for our dinner reservations, party of 21!  Emily was very excited that GMother & GDaddy T were able to make it for the special occasion.
Emily & Jake.  Judging by the smiles on their faces, I would say that this is pre-feast as we were all quite miserable post-feast.
The banquet table.  We were so incredibly smushed!  All of the employees must have brought in their own picnic tables from home for extra seating around the perimeter of the restaurant.  Pretty sure a few fire codes were not followed.  Thankfully there was no fire nor were there any life-threatening emergencies while we were there.  [And as far as I am aware there were none afterwards, either.]
Post-feast.  See what I mean?!  We were so miserably full that Kyla couldn't even hold her head up :)

Mom had a friend of hers make this delicious and uber-cute cake for the cake & punch reception that we held for The Graduate.  The ribbon around it said 'Still dressing up and going places'.  There are many hidden/double/inside meanings to the set up at the party.  But you'll have to ask her about it...I wouldn't want to steal her thunder :)
Chillin' at the party.  For some reason I thought that a holding my fork in my mouth for the picture would mask my mouth-full-of-food better than just closing my mouth.  Hind sight says it didn't.
Party decor.  In case you are wondering, the '11' is for Class of '11.  [Please note that I am not undermining your intelligence; Emily suffered a blonde, albeit exhausted, moment earlier that day.  I just wanted to clarify it for her as I know she will be one of the first people to read this post.]

In the event that Awkward Family Photo #1 doesn't take 1st Place in any Awkward Family Photos contests, Awkward Family Photo #2 will definitely secure us a place in the top three.  If this doesn't make you start to think about your actions off the camera I don't know what will.  

Awww, at last we got it all together!  On the Sunday after Emily's graduation [and one week before Christmas] we celebrated Christmas with an appropriate dinner as G & G were headed back home a few days later.  It was delish!

And of course......

CoNGRaTuLaTioNS, EMILY!!!!!  
We can now Master the world together!!!!  
Oh, dear; now there's a scary thought :)

Oh, yes, I forgot about this picture that I uploaded to this post.  This is what I leave you with....a funny picture for your enjoyment.  What do you think Mom was doing/saying?

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