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Monday, May 2, 2011

april showers & sunflowers

Image courtesy of Emily Kiel

We have another second-family wedding coming up in May: Allen & Kara. In preparation for the event, we hosted a shower at our house.

Kara & Allen

Hostesses and Bride

The decorations came together beautifully! Kara has chosen a beautiful teal color for her dresses and sunflowers as her main flower. As it turns out, Emily's accent color at her house is the exact same color teal and one of my top favorite flowers is the sunflower. Adding in the fact that Mom, Emily, and I all have A LOT of stuff in the first place, it all came together quite easily and perfect!

I LOVE sunflowers!!!

I hope Kara won't mind if I use them for my wedding!
(Not that I'm planning. Ha!)

The cake was DELICIOUS! It was designed and made by a lady at our parents' church. The sunflower centers were made out of Oreos! How cute is that?! And, did I mention that the cake was absolutely scrumptious?! I found myself saying to one of the guests, 'If this were healthier for me to eat, I would steal that piece of cake right off your plate!' Why do the worst things for you always taste the best?! I mean, if carrots tasted that good I would probably eat them for breakfast. And without any dip!!!

I got a little carried away with my X-acto and card stock. I loved how this monogram design turned out! I wanted to put several more out but I ran out of time and we ran out of spaces to set frames.

(The actual color was so much prettier than what it appears here. I still can't figure out why it scanned like this.)

I also got waaaaaay into making the garland. I cut everything by hand as I do not have a Cricket (which I have decided that I must get one) so it took a while. I enjoyed every minute of it though. I was really pleased with the finished product.

I gave the garland and monogrammed sunflower to Kara to take with her in hopes that she can find a use for it at some of her other wedding festivities.

Congratulations, Allen & Kara! Looking forward to the upcoming wedding!

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