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Friday, May 6, 2011

brazilian nuts and irish jigs

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I love, Love, LOVE, lOvE, LOVE, LoVe, love, LOVE to travel. To pick my most 10 favorite places is nearly impossible, let alone 1!

So I have chosen 2 particular vacations: Scotland/Ireland & Rio de Janeiro. I chose these particular 2 because between them, every single one of my passions, loves, and emotional needs were met.

I believe that wherever you go, as long as you are with people that you both love and enjoy, you will have the best of times. Whether it be an overnight trip camping in the woods or the most extravagant beaches in Greece (where I really, really want to go!) the people with you make or break any trip.

First up:  A trip for the Seniors and Citizens

I have a really close family and for that I will always be thankful. I know that I take this for granted way to often and it breaks my heart when I see broken families all around me. Two years ago, amongst 3 diplomas, 2 graduation ceremonies, and 1 50th birthday celebration my family traveled down to Rio de Janeiro for a 'Senior' Spring Break.

SIGHTS: Christ the Redeemer Statue

In Rio de Janeiro, there was so much to see and do. One of the days down there, we joined a tour group of about 15 other people from all around the globe, 1 local driver, and 1 tour guide (who spoke English, Spanish, & Portuguese!!!)

SIGHTS: Taking in the view from the cliffs of the rain forest.

GOOD EATS: Churrascaria with our group. 

They cut the meat right onto your plate!


By far the best breakfast I have ever eaten. EVER! Everything was fresh. I'm pretty sure the cooks just reach out of their car windows grab fruit right of the trees during their commute in to work! Fresh fruit and juices, cured meats, delicious breads and other baked goods made for an excellent albeit heavy breakfast. I think I had 5 glasses of orange juice every day! I would welcome that spread at the bottom of my stairs any day!

ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN: Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

This Cathedral was absolutely beautiful on the inside. The exterior of the building reminded me of an Egyptian ziggurat. I love outside influence can be seen throughout even the largest cities in the world.


I don't remember how often this fair takes places, but I'm almost certain that it is every Sunday. In the middle of Ipanema, you can find the Hippie Fair that consists aisles upon aisles flanked with tents and vendors selling everything from jewelry, local artists and their paintings, knick-knacks, food, and all types of local treasures (we founds some very interesting &, ahem, inappropriate ones?! Ha! Be sure to take an allowance and an extra carry-on!!!


What we ultimately came to do! Rest and relaxation were my primary goals that trip. With beautiful beaches and pools everywhere that is not hard to do. Please note that we did not sit this close to and on top of each other any other time during the week other than this photo opp and the plane!

Next up: A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Tartans

Last summer, my sister and I got to go on a 10 day trip to Scotland & Ireland. The trip was amazing. (For a more conclusive recount visit summer recap pt. 3: sisters and travels abroad on my blog!)

I am so blessed to have a sister that I not only like, but I enjoy and love spending time with! We had the best of time trekking across the Isles 'O Great Britain.

CULTURE: A Scottish Wedding and Caleigh

A friend of Emily's asked her to come and be her wedding photographer in Aberdeen. Ok, I guess! Ha! This was one of the most amazing parts of the trip. Being submersed into true Scottish culture for several days was exciting, beautiful, and most appreciated.

SIGHTS: Would you like sheep poop with your castle backdrop?

We took the newly weds on a photo shoot the day after their wedding. The first site was an old, run down, real life castle! So cool. I wanted to climb around the walls and steps, pretending to be Lady Ellen McBride while running around in large hair and even larger hoop-skirts.

ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN: Dublin, capital of Ireland

We had heard about leprechauns but never believed in them until we met Garvaguhn, a real-life, red-haired, really-tall Leprechaun. He made for an excellent tour guide throughout Dublin.

Charles Rennie MacKintosh invades Glasgow

MacKintosh is one of my most favorite designers of all time. He is the Scottish Frank Lloyd Wright.

His designs and influence can be seen throughout the entire funky and artsy city of Glasgow.

The School of Art & Design in Glasgow, Designed by C. MacKintosh

 Willow Tea Rooms where one must stop for afternoon tea!

SIGHTS: Aran Islands

An excellent day trip for the adventurous types. I recommend following the directions when handed a bike and map. Take it from two blonds that did not. (We wish that you could have been there with us! See, we left a spot for you in the picture!!!)

Now the big question still remains:


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  1. I visited Rio while on a mission trip several years ago and loved it! I wish I had more time for sightseeing during that trip. Your pictures are great!


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