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Friday, May 27, 2011

they said 'i do'....5 days ago

location, location, location.

Allen with an 'A'....all growed up!!!  Tear :(
This past weekend was a doozy for all members of my immediate, extended, and second families. The next couple of posts will blaze through the past 4 days of our lives [Saturday thru Tuesday] just as quickly and vigorously as our trails of this weekend past: down center aisles; across waters rising; through unrecognizable, tornado stricken towns; escapades and wardrobe changes in park restrooms; speeding down tarmacs; and many, many more paths of excitement.

We will begin our tour in and near Longview, TX where Allen & Kara met at an altar in a 42”+ inseam tuxedo and a handmade, beautiful white wedding dress respectively. In front of 200 of their closest families and friends, they vowed to commit their lives and love to one another for the rest of their lives here on this earth.

the colors/flowers.

The bridesmaids wore a deep teal color, a beautiful compliment to the sunflowers and yellow Gerber daisies.

Bouquets, centerpieces, and aisle garnish
Sunflowers are one of my favorites!  They scream HAPPY!!!
the bride.

Kara has the most Horrific Dress Catastrophe story that I have ever heard of, hands down.  When the dress finally arrived--6 weeks late, 3 ½ weeks before W-Day, and one night before her last final--she anxiously tried it on only to find that it was 7 inches too short!  Instead of the X-Long that she had ordered, the dress maker/manufacturer [who shall remain anonymous for their sake] ordered an X-Short!?!?  This might be an optimal high-water length for a beach or swamp wedding but not at all acceptable when walking down the aisle of a dry-grounds church to meet your man who is 6’-4”.  With 12 days to spare, the dress was shipped to the company’s national seamstress who would take Kara’s X-Short and the only other dress they could locate--a Regular--rip them apart and piece them together to account for the 7 missing inches.  They said they would try to have it to her by Saturday, the morning of her wedding.  Well, Super! 

All-[most] of the girls!
Ashley, Amanda, Kara, Emily, Ellen, Faith
I wish I was as laid-back as Kara.  She handled the fiasco with amazing stride and non-Bridezilla-ness.  At the end of the day she would be married to Allen and that’s all that mattered to her.  I hope to find that kind of love and relationship: longing and willing to stand by my man no matter the circumstance, appearance, or surroundings.

BTW-her dress DID arrive with 3 days to spare and an extra 8 inches!!!

Some Studly Studs
Andrew K, III, Kirby, Tim
the reception.

The reception was held in the perfect sized hall; not too big that people felt lost and not too small that you couldn’t walk between people seated at tables [ultra annoying].

More Girls!
Emily, Mom, Ellen
They had a live band that was so much fun!  It confirmed my thoughts of having a live band at my wedding reception.  I also picked out my ‘Father/Daughter’ song to dance to.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I can give you a sneak preview/snip-it of my conversation that transpired with Dad:

Daddy's Girls
Emily, Dad, Ellen
Me: Hey, Daddy!?  You could wear your coconut bra for our dance!!!
Dad: No, I think I’ll pass; it gives me a rash in funny places.
Me:  Oh well, that’s OK; you’re grass skirt should suffice.
Dad:  I think I lost mine, actually.

Sigh.  Don’t worry, Daddy, as luck would have it we have plenty of time to find you an even better one.  Ha!
The Fam!!!
Practice for the days to'll see!

The crew is growing!!!
Everybody minus 2

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