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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2016 Olympic bound!

I LOVE the Olympics!  I look forward to the opening ceremonies from the moment of the finale of the closing ceremonies.  I just wish it came more than once every leap year.

My world pretty much stops from the moment that the Olympic torch is lit.  And thank goodness for DVR, right?!  I mean what did we do before we could watch, pause, replay, & store each amazing feat for later's enjoyment?!

Our apartment also gets pretty intense during the Olyimpic games--much like yours I would imagine--and not because of the crazy conversations that is our usual norm.  In fact, it's quite the opposite as breathing even becomes scarce.  From anywhere within a 10 minute radius of our apartment exlamations of every emotion can be heard:

What?! Wha-huh?!!??!

DID you just SEE that?!

Hold up, You have to SEE THAT.

REwind that...     

I don't even understand... that even POSS-ABLE?!

That. IS.  NOT.  NORMAL.

Awww...I LOVE her...she is too cute and SOOO  sweet...

...he had to OVERCOME so much to be here at the games with us...

...YES, US...we are a team.

Team USA

...and they need me...they said's like I'm standing there beside them saying 'Trust Your Training' as they go on to compete...

....awwwww....Missy Franklin and I would SO be BFFs!

And so forth...and don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about.  You know good and well that 50% of those exclamations came out of your mouth while watching Gabby fly around the uneven bars or Oscar running around the track while balancing on two hockey sticks.

I got so inspired by the Olympics this year that I went out yesterday and walked/ran 5.42 miles.  I thought for sure I would see one of my new Olympic buddies at the park.  They had come to cheer me on, of course, just as I have done for the past two weeks.  I found out though that Olympians are also talented in the sport of hiding.  They hid so well that I never even saw them in any of my 5.42 miles!  But I could feel their encouragement :)

So I guess that's what I will be doing now in my spare time since the Olympics are no longer on TV.  Regular TV bores me.  Case in point: Emily had to wake me up last night after I had fallen asleep SITTING UP on the sofa while watching 'regular' TV.  No way that would have happened if Missy had been leading her lane to the gold medal!  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the shock my body expereienced on the dusty 5.42 trail just hours before ;)

I've been trying to figure out what sport I want to compete in in the Brazil Games.

Gymnastics?  I've always been too tall.  Although I can do a mean LEFT-Handed kartwheel.

Swimming?  I've always said if I could come back in another life I would definitely be a swimmer.  But do you know how early those swim kids get up for practice BEFORE school?!  No thank you.

Basketball?  I DID play basketball for a few years but have you SEEN how big those girls are?!

Diving?  I jumped off of the middle platform [6ish meters?!?!] ONE time and that hurt.  And that was jumping 'pencil' style.

Speed Walking?  While I AM blessed in the hip category these hips DO lie as they DO NOT work that way.

Volleyball?  That seems somewhat feasable.  I would have to take a 4 hour course to understand the rules and scoring, though.

Runner?  I can barely move today after my stint at the park yesterday.  I'm sure it would get easier...

Or I could be like my uber-cool sister.  Everytime we watched the runners line up she would say, 'UGH; I want a runner's body.'  But when I would remind her that there is literally a track across the street she would say, 'Well I want the body of a runner without the training of a runner.'  Every time.  Don't worry, I let her down easy.'s looking like the only ticket I'm going to get to the 2016 Olympics is the one that I buy myself. But I'll keep working on it.  A girl can dream!

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