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Monday, July 30, 2012

that can't be you, July, can it?!

Seriously?!  Seriously?!?!?!  Who turned the calendar to July?  I recommend that whoever did so stay in hiding at least until August when I will be on the lookout for whomever is responsible for rolling us over to August.


I think this will now officially be my third attempt at coming back from my hiatus.  This relationship is startimg to resemble a breakup that just won't happen and stay 'happened'; time after time trying to come back together and force some sort of peaceful happiness out of obvious misery.  I DON'T WANT TO END UP LIKE ONE OF 'THOSE COUPLES' (Bloggettes & their PDTLS--Public Display of Their Life's Story).  Nope, I won't let that happen.  I do not want that to happen.  I LOVE blogging and by golly it's the only way I can remember all of my life's comings & goings, struggles & victories, dark days & streams of sunshine, much less how many pairs of scissors I own (9: 1-orange handled, 2- black handled, 1-hair cutters, 1-pink bedazzled handled, 1-blue handled, 1-magenta handled, 1-black & red handled, 1-athletic tape cutters.  Plus a handful of scallopped scrapbook ones but we will stick with the original nine.).  I do not normally sit around and count my scissors; although this past week's findings might give me reason to reconsider.

You see, I have been really very busy.  Really.  Truly.  Very.  Busy.  Like most of you if I had to guess.  In my pastor's sermon yesterday, he pointed our need to stop, rest, & relax for one-third of every day.  Wow!  Don't know that I ever have done that consistently.  Maybe when I was six; but then again,  I did, after all, have a new baby brother to be getting prepared for at the ripe ole age of six.  That's it!  It's all Andrew's fault!!!  Well, probably not so but, hey, it did start somewhere.

Anyhow...will leave with a picture from this weekend.  We went to visit J's family.  Both brothers, SIL, and nephew were all at his parents' this weekend.  It was great getting to see everyone and to celebrate Tom's birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Baby Cowboy Cam
Birthday Grandpa....who looks like they're having the most fun?!

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