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Sunday, November 20, 2011

thanksgiving came early this year

All photos in this post courtesy of Emily Kiel :)
The Thanksgiving Bird came early to our house early this year and I mean that in more ways than one.  Not only did we eat a Thanksgiving meal 2 weeks early but we also had many things to celebrate and thank God for.

I am thankful every day for my parents' support, a family that I love spending time with, and so many other people and things that God has blessed with.  I know, though, that I often take many of these things and people for granted.

As you may know, I received a job offer about a 1.5 weeks ago.  You may also know that I have searched/waited for this for 2.5 years!  I received the job offer November 7, 2011; 98 days after losing my previous job, 1.5 years after a contracting position in my field, and 2.5 years after graduating with my Master's in Architecture.

Another great thing to celebrate this year is Emily's not-so-pending graduation in December.  She has worked hard and overcome great obstacles to secure this G-Day but she has done it!!!  And for that we are all most excited.

Due to scheduling conflicts involving the work schedules, college classes & exams, and houses needed to be cleaned out in Alabama of 8 people Momma Planner determined it be best that we meet & eat this past weekend.  And I'm so glad we did!  This has been the first time EVER that all three siblings have had a Significant Other and the fact that all 6 of us were free was a miracle in itself-especially considering 4 of them are in school.  [I was unemployed at this time so my personal agenda was not even considered.  Ha!]

The whole gang: Jeff, Ellen, Jake, Emily, Rebekah, Andrew, Mom, Dad  [Can you tell who the 3 siblings are?!?!]
Dinner was DEE-LISH-USSSSSSS!!!  Mom stepped it up a few years ago when she started making dressing on her own.  And it is amazing; we all love it.  As a matter of fact, about 2 years ago, I was thinking out loud [something I do best] and said that I wished dressing was the acceptable Dish-of-Choice on more holidays than Thanksgiving & Christmas-like Easter.  Or Labor Day.  The lesson I learned hear was VOICE YOUR OPINION because lo-and-behold, come Labor Day weekend we had dressing on our table!!!

Constructing the Hot Fudge Cake is a true Art; it usually takes the hands
[and sometimes feet] of 3 people.
Mom has this infamous Hot Fudge Cake recipe.  The cake itself isn't so much a secret as is the sauce.  It's amazing and could have fed the 5,000 if it had needed to.  I am serious: it makes a lot.  We always laugh when we have Hot Fudge Cake because we all know what it means to my Dad: 10 marriage pounds.  Rumor has it that Mom made this for them to share very early into their marriage.  As I mentioned, the recipe makes a lot and there is always leftovers, no matter how many people you serve.  He has said that he ate a piece of cake every night for 2 weeks to get rid of the thing [Mom didn't need the extra calories] and weighed in at 10 pounds extra for the rest of their marriage :)

Par for the course, I was extremely sick for the occasion.  Since my first Christmas [where I threw up at Mom's feet every 45 minutes] I have sneezed/ran fever/slept through/sat in the Dr.'s office or E.R. every holiday and amazing meal.  In the picture above, I am incredibly drugged up and 2 hours from crashing a very hard landing of a stopped up nose, head ache, raw throat, and no voice :(  I have grown accustomed to it, though, and do not enter any holiday or birthday season without an army's supply of Kleenex, Day/NyQuil, Breath Rights, pillow, or Doctor's direct phone number.

Ready for diners!!!
After the meal most of us sat around [because moving at any rate of speed was impossible] and watched football.  Roll Tide!  Mom delivered an early Christmas present during half-time: Apple to Apples.  Ever played it?!  At the conclusion of the game [and a much needed trip to CVS for tea, NyQuil, and Vick's] we gathered round the kitchen table to enjoy an evening of red and green apple cards.  [I was only allowed to play once my hands were thoroughly washed and I promised to always sneeze & cough into my shirt.]  Despite our fears of my germs spreading to everyone, we had a lot of fun all squeezed in at the table together.

According to this picture, we were clearly warned that Jake was a liar ;)
Everyone but Andrew & Rebekah bunked up at the house Saturday night to go to church together the next morning.  Another thing we have never done: filled up more than 6 seats of a church pew.  It was really special for me to be there this particular Sunday because so many people there have been praying for & encouraging me during my job search.  Thankfully Mom likes to talk and works in the church office so the good news had spread like wildfire within seconds of receiving my offer.  It was so neat being able to celebrate with, hug, & thank so many of our family friends.  God is so good!!!

Stay tuned for 'thanksgiving came early this year: the decorations' :)

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