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Thursday, November 10, 2011

good things come to those who wait

wait verb \ˈwāt\

transitive verb
1: to stay in place in expectation of : <wait your turn>
intransitive verb
1: to remain stationary in readiness or expectation <wait for a train>
2: to look forward expectantly <just waiting to see his rival lose>


Something that I do not do well at all.  Something that most people do not do well if I had to guess.

I've always heard the phrase, 'Good things come to those who wait' and never really liked it.  Perhaps this is because I've never fully understood what it means to wait.  Like actually WAIT.  Then to receive and/or experience something that you've actually WANTED or WORKED FOR for an extreme LENGTH OF TIME.

I understand it now, though, and might even say that I really like the phrase.  For more than 2.5 years, I have searched and waited for a job in the field that I studied and slaved in for 7 years of my life.  This is not to say that I waited patiently as I really didn't have a choice in the matter, but nonetheless I did wait.

And y'all!

I am SO GLAD that I did!  I am so stinkin' excited about the new chapter that is opening up all around me.  Today, I went to what will be my new office as of next week to fill out paperwork and get the ball rolling on some things.  Right now, the firm operates from a very small, one-room office space and to say that they are piled in like sardines would be the understatement of the century.  I'm not even sure that there is space for me although they did ask me if I was capable of working while standing on one foot.  Hmmm....I might should have thought this through a little more before giving them my social security number today.  Ha!

These arrangements will not last for long, thank goodness, as they ahem, we [!!!], are slated to move to a new, re-fitted space by the beginning of the year.  It worked out that today was the day that the whole office was taking a field trip to go and visit the new space and I got to go with them!  It was so neat to be a part of this; I felt like I already belonged.  The new space is in an exciting part of town and has an excellent selection of amenities as well as views of the city.

After the tour, we all went out to lunch together.  This was so great because it gave me the opportunity to get to know some of the people a little bit better; as well as a 45-minute lunch allows you to get to know someone.  But it will greatly help me next week when I darken the doors on my first day.

 While reading at Kelly's Korner last night I came across this quote posted by Kelly in her post titled 'Down on the Farm': 'Keep hope. Your pumpkin patch days are coming. :-) And they will be worth the wait.'

This made me smile and got me to thinking about how blessed I am to have been forced to wait for the last 2.5 years.  If I hadn't endured the hardships and frustrations of waiting and struggling I don't think that I would fully understand or appreciate this opportunity had it handed to me at the time of graduation.  And for that I am thankful.

So, like Kelly said: Keep hope.  Your pumpkin patch days are coming. :-)  And they will be worth the wait!!!


  1. Congrats Ellen!!
    (I might be a little late in congratulating you, but I read the blog today.. So...better late than never :) )
    The blog is beautifully written.
    Wish you all the best in all your future endeavours!!


  2. Hi Ellen! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner SUYL Non-mom bloggers link up last week. I really appreciated your blog post today. I hate waiting and I just had surgery and am non-weightbearing for 6-8 weeks so my patience is thin and I have to do a lot of waiting. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck on your new job!



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