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Friday, June 10, 2011

br11 day4: do you have a plan?

day 4.
We are in the home stretch! One of my girls woke up to tell me that SHE had spent the night on the bathroom floor :( I took her to the nurse and she is now in quarantine sleeping it off. The good news: the virus is very short lived and can be slept off in just a few hours [speaking from experience here!]

today's highlight.
Baptism service is such an awesome event. 2000+ students, leaders, and pastors in the wave-pool, celebrating with those who are making decisions is one of the most beautiful pictures of change that I have ever witnessed.

special verse.
'The death he died, he died to sin once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God.'

Romans 6:10
The girls cooked lunch for a guys condo today-they cooked it all by themselves. It all came out really good! We had spaghetti, biscuits, peanut butter and jelly, cookies, and chips. A true lunch of champions! I was able to finish up my One-on-ones while they were fixing lunch.

tonight's message.
Tonight was the baptism service; always a very moving service. God showed up and did His thing, moving in the lives of students and leaders alike. Tonights message finished out the 'Change' series: what is your plan when you get off the bus tomorrow? HOW are you going to change when you get home on Friday and are taken out of this 'Jesus is love' environment. That will be the true test. It is easy to SAY you are going to change; following through is much, much more difficult. An 'Easier said than done' kinda thing.

students. There were over 400 students baptized after the service; students making decisions for the Lord for the first time and those who needed to get things right with Him and CHANGE.
me. I am feeling so much better and was able to completely enjoyed my day.  I even went outside without sunscreen.  Scandalous!!

please pray.
students. For the ones who were saved for the first time this week at beach retreat; that God will rock their world and they will continue to grow in Him
For those who declared that they needed to change; that they will have someone hold them accountable to successfully change.
everyone. We have a lot to do to get packed, loaded, and on the road tomorrow. Patience, strength, diligence will be needed!
yvonne.  She is feeling better and was returned to us from the nurses just after Free Time. 

coolest moment.
One of the boys' condos came over last night. This is a special group of guys: some of them do not have their parents around or don't have a good support system at home. They are a hard bunch but if you can earn their trust they will open up to you. After the mandatory flirting, talking at the top of their lungs, and nonsense talk last night I got them all to sit in a circle and we went around sharing what God has taught them this past week. They also sat and listened quietly for about 5 minutes while I shared part of my testimony and what God has been teaching me these past 6 months.  My God is the King of Awesome!!!

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