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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

vow4. Psalm 30:5

Psalm 30:5
For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may stay for the night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning.
I have had this verse/song stuck in my head since Saturday of this past weekend. I helped lead a weekend retreat for the youth group this past weekend and this was one of the praise and worship songs that was sung. Then, on Sunday morning, we sang it again in big church! I think God was trying to tell me something!?

There may be pain and suffering for a moment/night/season but joy will be restored! Unfortunately we do not know when or how this joy will come: it may be one big fireworks show of a moment or it may come in a text from a friend that says ‘I’m praying for you’. It may be joy that comes to stay for a while or it may be only for a brief moment. Either way it is joy. And it’s what He has promised to his people who live for Him.

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