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Monday, February 21, 2011

julie & julia

I watched Julie & Julia this weekend for the first time. I really liked it! I’m not a huge movie fanatic; I never really enjoy watching movies the first time through but that is another topic for another day. I do enjoy movies, however, when I can really connect with the character(s). As I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but identify with Amy Adams’ character, Julie Powell. We are so similar! I jotted down a list of our similarities as I watched the movie and they are as follows:
struggling to find a place in this world
need for short term goals
career path gone much different as planned
dream to meet Julia Childs/Beth Moore
want to write a book

There were many others that came to mind, but this was all I could get written down without getting my phone taken away for having it out during the movie. Ha! So, allow me to elaborate:

struggling to find a place in this world:
This is a daily, sometimes hourly, struggle for me. I do have confidence that God will make clear to me where He wants me to serve, just as I am confident I am right where He wants me right now. I just don’t get it sometimes!!! I saw a video clip at church this weekend where a guy finds an empty soup can hanging from a string and leading straight up through the clouds. I WANT TO FIND THAT SOUP CAN! Ha!

I began blogging in August of this past year (2010). A friend of mine, Caroline, was blogging and it seemed like so much fun! Shortly after starting, I realized what a relief and de-stressor it is. Not only does it allow me to sort out my thoughts, it keeps a record of where I am and what is going on in my life. Being that I have trouble recalling what I had for dinner last night, this is an extremely valuable tool!

Just yesterday I had 3 separate blog topics pop into my head (brace yourself!). And these aren’t just topics, no. Rather these are 3 different realizations, each separate from one another, but all due to introspective work that going to church often brings about in me.

You never know where blogging may lead you, either. I have no idea who reads this and if and what might reflect instances in their own life, but how cool is it to know that it may, one day, reach the ears (or eyes) and heart of someone that really needs it!?

need for short term goals:
My whole life, up until this point, has been about meeting professors’ deadlines, turning in projects/presentations in on time, and working to obtain a diploma; all short-term goals. I know that life is full of deadlines and appointments and always will be. However, I understand Julia’s reasoning for needing short goals to shoot for. I, like her, am (un)famously known for throwing myself whole-heartedly into a project, losing interest somewhere around 72% completion and looking for something else to throw myself into. It is not something that is fun to admit, but it is the truth. I have been working on this problem by attempting to commit to fewer things/activities and leadership roles and by setting attainable goals.

For example, reading the Bible in its entirety has been a goal of mine several times throughout my life. However, every other time before this past time, my goal was to complete it in one year. Somewhere around Day 17 my attention would ware and my ambitions dissipate, never making it past Leviticus 3:15. When I heard about The Bible in 90 Days by Ted Cooper, however, I saw it as my chance! I knew it would take more of my daily time (about an hour per day) but this time, Day 17 meant almost 20% completion and Judges 3:27! Granted, I did not finish this challenge in the 90 days as planned, but by the time I took my 5 week Christmas and January Siesta* I had finished reading up through the Gospels! I had to finish; I was almost done! So, when I did pick it back up in February I only had about 1 week’s left of reading.

*Please note that during this time I did not simply push my Bible(s) to the back of the trunk of my car; I was still studying and attending church just not actively reading through.

Bottom line: I finished!

With short term goals, I usually drive myself crazy, as did Julie, almost obsessing over finishing the task at hand but it always gets done and I love the feeling of satisfaction when the goal has been obtained!

career path gone much different as planned:
Well, does this one even bode explaining?! With degrees in interior design and architecture I hardly thought I would find myself in the oil & gas position that I have. Many days I find myself asking ‘Why did I even go to school?!’ Ha! I have, however, come to the realization, embraced the fact even, that this job can teach me a lot, keep me fed and clothed, and lead to any number of places; God only knows! I am so thankful that I have gotten to this place; words cannot express how grateful I am to have realized these things and the great peace that surrounds me now.

dream to meet Julia Childs/Beth Moore:
Ok, ok, this one might sound a little crazy at first, and I am obviously am never going to meet Julia Childs. The point, though, is that Julie wanted desperately to meet the woman who had inspired her for so long, who had served as a role model, and shared similar interests and passions. I feel the same way about Beth Moore. Every Tuesday night, as I sit amidst a sea of women, all captivated by Beth’s ability to make clear the truths in the Bible and how we can apply them to our lives, I find myself wanting to be just like her: sharing the Gospel with those who so desperately need it, affecting so many lives, being the vessel that God obviously wants her to be. She inspires me and I am blessed week-in and week-out by her transparency.

Want to write a book:
Unlike Julie, writing was not my first love. In fact, you would never have heard those words grace my lips 10 years ago. Reading and writing were the VERY LAST things on my agenda up until a few years ago. But lately, it has been a constant desire on my heart; we will see! I do not have a book written per se, but I do have a life full of stories, experiences, and testimony that could possibly make it into book form one day. I will keep you posted :)


  1. That movie is totally one of my favorites. I always watch it, get hungry, and then bake.

  2. We made pancakes after watching it!


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