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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

summer recap pt. 6: rally and grace

I am a Jewelry Lady. (You think you know someone, right?!) I have been selling Premier Designs Jewelry since the beginning of 2010. I have not done as much with the business as I would have liked to; my immediate plan is to work on this!

This summer I got to go to the National Rally that was held in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has been celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary of Premier Designs all year! Wow! This made my first Rally experience extra special and exciting. It was so much fun!

So, for about the umpteenth week in a row I donned a name tag and shuffled through hallways with the rest of (what seemed) the world’s population! (Ok, maybe just Texas. Ha!) This week was enjoyable for several reasons. The one that comes to mind first, though, is not Rally itself but the fact that I was in charge of no one but myself! There were several times when our group would get separated and, as always, I was the tallest amongst our friends. At this point several of the ladies would look up at me and ask, “Are you making sure you can see So-and-So? We don’t need to lose her.” I have to admit that more times than not I answered with a “No.” Ha!

I learned a lot about Premier and the foundation that the company started on. It is a Christian company that focuses on service. How cool is that? I think one of the coolest things for me was to see the missionaries that Premier helps support. There were at least 40 missionaries in attendance and we got to hear some of their testimonies of the work that God is doing in the lives of so many. Having recently gotten back from Scotland and Ireland I was really excited to talk to the two missionaries from Ireland! (And to indulge in their accents!)

Another high-light for me was the Point of Grace concert!!! I love this group of girls and have followed them from their beginning. Between my mom, sister and I we have all of their C.D.s, a few songbooks and, my most recent addition, their cookbook! (If you have never heard either one of their Christmas C.D.s you need to! They are 2 of my top 10 most favorite Christmas albums.)

The girls performed a lot of songs from their newest album, No Changing Us. I have since then bought and learned every single song on the disc! One of my favorites is Come to Jesus. The lyrics talk about God’s grace and how NOTHING is too big or too small for Him.

This is Denise; I love her! My mom and I got to meet her and Shelley in New Orleans during their Circle of Friends Tour. They are all such neat with women with hearts for young girls/women’s and music ministry.

Here is the cookbook in case you want to take a sneak peak! I haven’t tried anything yet but hope to very soon!

COOKING WITH GRACE COOKBOOK | Point of Grace: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Here are some sneak peaks of the new jewelry!!! They have some very cool new pieces and I am excited to say that I own and wear several of them!


Pink Icing: (I'm in love!!!)

Eden: (I'm in love times 3!!!)

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