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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

building systems

"...chloro-fluoro-carbons...somewhat problematic..."
"...compression expansion process.  How is that making sense?"
"...spraying water in the form of mist, tiny droplets..."
"...swamp cooler..."

Picture this:

25 of my colleagues and I, all
laden with
notebooks, iPads, pens, Red Bull, & the like
crammed around
8 rectangular tables
listening to
1 Italian man and
soaking in
as much of the information that we could while
going over
his powerpoint presentations that seemed to go on for days,
covering any & all
aspects of building systems.

For 15 hours.
On Friday & Saturday.
For a very pretty penny that we each had to pay.

I know you're wondering why you yourself did not receive an invitation to such a wonderful and exhilerating event such as this.  Please except my deepest apologies if you are feeling left out.

"...transformers are one of the toughest topics on the's just how they're connected..."
"...the same device for multiple uses..."
"...the most difficult in this section..."

The road to becoming a licensed Architect is no cake walk.  Not that I think that any other degree plan or professional path is just a walk in the park; it's just that architecture & interiors is all that I know.  In a nutshell I have to complete the equivalent of about 3 years worth of specified hours [program regulated] and pass 7 exams [state administered] in order for my Master's degree to count for anything.  All three of these entities have to be paid at regular intervals in order to talk to one another and to hold/store electronic records required by each of them.  It often feels like one of those claw machines where you keep trying to rescue a stuffed animal or iPhone with 'The Claw'.  'Quick!  I need more money!  I'm almost there!!!'  It gives me something work toward, though.

Anyways, I took and passed my first exam back in May [#1 reason for my prolonged absence] and have recently started studying for the next two.  The seminar that I took this past weekend was a prep/study class that is supposed to have an excellent pass rate.  We'll see about that.  So far, though, I think it was well worth it.

"...we will represent with diagrams that physically will not have anything to do with the way they are actually configured..."
"...voltage...""...names do not physically follow the physical characteristics of the object..."

At many points during the most exciting 15 hours of my life I reminded myself that I have three special men in my life that should be able to help me to grasp most of the concepts and material covered on this next exam.  Allow me to introduce them to you:

Biography:  B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Great University of Alabama
Experience:  30+ years as an Oil & Gas Production Engineer and various other roles; ask Daddy :)
Qualifications:  Having known me since the day I was born it is safe to say that he knows me pretty well.  It proves very beneficial that he can differentiate between the many faces of me: the 'I get it' face, the 'I'm nodding yes because I don't want to say no' face, the 'What?!?!?!' face, and the 'Brain overload' face
@ Stake:  Due to the nature of our relationship, absolutely no bribing will be necessary as Daddy does not want me to be a financial burden to him for the rest of my life...especially when he can no longer claim me on his tax return :)

Biography:  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University
Experience:  Designs things and works with valves.  I probably know even less about what Jeff does/has done than Daddy.
Qualifications:  While we have only known each other for a little under 2 years now, we have dated for 1+ and let's just say he's had a crash course in learning The Faces.  :)
@ Stake:  Due to the nature of our relationship, a tiny bit of bribing in the form of homemade ice cream sandwiches and back scratches may be required.  But ultimately, my success will eventually pay off for him when he no longer has to give me money to buy his birthday and Christmas presents :)

Biography:  currently pursuing his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University
Experience:  Responsible for the care and testing of rats one summer.
Qualifications:  Material and equations should be the freshest in his young brain and he has the most current text books.  As far as The Faces go, well, he is my brother and faces don't seem to phase him.
@ Stake:  Due to the nature of our relationship, bribing would normally be necessary.  But in this one case here he will get to one-up his older sister :)

"...logic is sometimes hard to find..."

There is constant debate and struggle within the courts as to whether an Architect is actually needed; many engineers think they can do it all themselves.  And, according to the list above, it would seem that they definitely do have the knowledge and education needed to pass these exams.  And maybe they do.  But I would like to point out the fact that I [that is, one person] will have to draw from three [more in some cases] different sources and backgrounds to learn all that needs to be learned and understood in preparation for my exam.  And this is only the second of seven :)  hehe  I only kid, mostly ;)

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