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Monday, August 29, 2011

it rained, but when will it pour?

It has been one dry, hot summer.  Actually, let me try that again....

Here in southern Texas, it has been one arid, bone-dry, moistureless, barren, dusty, dirty, lifeless summer.  There, that actually sounds like it might do the summer justice. 

I think I heard on the news that we broke a record for the number of successive days that the temperature has been over 100 degrees.  That was over a week ago and I haven't seen anything below 103 yet.

I took my car to the dealership about 2 weeks ago for routine tire rotation and oil change.  Apparently there is no good time to take your car in because there is always a wait.  That particular Wednesday was no exception.  After waiting for a little over an hour I was relieved when they finally called me.  "I will be able to make my lunch date, after all," I thought to myself as I trekked to the counter to collect my keys.  No such luck.  As I approached my Customer Service Rep, he said this:  
'Your windshield wipers have rotted out and are not clearing your windshield properly.  It will only cost about $25.00 to replace them.  Would you like to go ahead and have that done today?'
Seriously?!  I honestly do not know how he kept a straight face when asking me that.  'Are you kidding me?'  I wanted to ask, 'When was the last time you needed your wipers, Mr.?!  I'm sure they are dried out.  They are BORED!!!'  I refrained from yelling and calmly replied, 'Do you think that will make it rain? Because if so, go ahead.  But if the chances of it raining are raised none, I don't think that will be necessary.'  And after all that I still had to wait 20 more minutes for my car to be finished. 

It did rain last Wednesday night.  I can honestly say these 3 things: 1) I cannot remember the last time I saw rain before last week, 2) we have not seen any signs of possible rain since, and 3) I cannot remember being so ecstatic to see the rain (perhaps maybe a time or two when it meant no marching band practice...8 years ago!)

Last Sunday (3 days before the blessed event), my pastor started out his message by saying 2 things: 1) the fall is coming, cooler days are ahead and 2) one day it will rain.  You know how when you do something ambitious like wash your car, inside and out, and have it looking all glorious and shiny?  Only to have it rain THE NEXT DAY?!  Yeah, well, that doesn't work here anymore in south Texas.  I have tried.  My dad has tried.  My neighbors have tried.  Their neighbors and cousins have tried (I don't have any cousins in Texas or they would have tried, too, I am sure).

I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing on Wednesday when the sky outside started showing signs of a storm.  From talking with others, I can safely guarantee that at least 90% of the population could tell you the same.  It would be like asking the infamous question: 'Where were you when Kennedy was shot?'  Everyone knows where they were.

My sister and I were sitting in my bedroom floor; it was about 6:30.  She had her computer out, as she usually does, working on what I can only assume was her Thesis project.  I had my computer, supplies, and X-Acto out, as I usually do, working on what I can only assume was any number of projects that I always have going on.  Or 7.  We were talking about boys or favorite lotions or something in between when we both heard a very strange, unfamiliar sound coming from outside.  We stopped what we were doing (thankfully I wasn't holding my X-Acto at that moment) and looked at each other.  Could that be?!  No, surely not.  But, IT IS, isn't it?

We both turned tentatively, afraid that even looking out the window might scare it away, and, lo and behold, there they were.  Dark clouds.  Dark, lustrous clouds with the faint promise of rain.  And then there was the wind.  Strong, extra blowy wind that we thought for sure would knock our mailbox over.  We stared outside in disbelief for about 5 minutes.  It was getting dark outside and had our mom been home, she would have gotten on to us for not closing the blinds.  But she wasn't home and we wanted to enjoy what could be the last rain we get in 3 months.

And rain it did.  It poured!  I don't know how long it rained for but it was like music to our ears and every 5 minutes or so I would turn around just to make sure it was still actually happening.  As if someone would try to trick me by turning a noise machine on or something.  It was a good rain.

And that was the last time it rained here.  I assume it will be the last rain at least until October.  It's now been 5 full, successive days with no rain.  It was like a teaser for the grass, trees, animals, people, rivers, the animals at the zoo, and so on.  I think the concrete even needed watering and was let down after only 45 minutes of rain.  But every little bit helps; even if we do only get it once every 13 weeks.

And like Ben said, one day, it will rain again.  One day.

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