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Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is me...

I am not always put together; in truth, I rarely am. More often than not do my words come out right. I love the name Grace but am hardly graceful in my speech and general maneuvering though my physical world.

This is me; I am real.

I love the color pink—but don’t mind the other colors. I enjoy getting my toes done (and my fingers, too!). I love the sun and beach—but any large body of water will do!

This is me; I love the simple things.

I love to talk and could blabber for days and have frequent conversations with myself. I procrastinate in most things but the job or task is perfect once completed (and will be finished on time). I believe in the phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place” but rarely, ahem, almost never live it out on a day-to-day basis.

This is me; I am happy.

You will rarely find me sitting still; I have even been known to sleep walk. I almost never enjoy (nor stay awake through) a movie when watching it for the first time; I will, however, take pleasure in watching it the second and third time through. My brain is usually going in 17 directions at once; this should come as no surprise to you.

This is me; I am slightly (and only a smidgen) crazy.

I love to travel and see new places; if only I had a private jet! I am fluent in English, Ellen and, some might argue, crazy-talk but want to learn another socially accepted language some day. Sky-diving is on my Bucket List; zip-lining is the closest I’ve come so far.

This is me; I love to learn new things.

I have always wanted to be an actress though memorization has never been my forte. I want to write a book one day but pen and paper scare me! I have entertained the idea of being a princess; rubies, pearls and precious gems look radiant round my neck and hanging from my ear lobes.

This is me; I am a dreamer.

I do not like grocery stores but love to go with a good friend just to keep her company; it may be the only time we talk or see each other for the whole month. I am practically helpless in the kitchen but enjoy helping a friend prepare a meal or dish (and love to eat it, too!); I will gladly do her dishes. I am an avid list maker but ‘off-road’ frequently if a friend calls in need; frequent requests include retail therapy, need for a wing-woman, or just a listening ear.

This is me; Giving is my love language.

I play the piano and can carry a tune but am no Mozart or Mariah Carey. I listen to a lot of music but make up my own words ‘cause I don’t know (or understand) the lyrics. I dance when I can and often, usually to the beat of my own drum (or is that voices I hear?!).

This is me; I am expressive.

Children are my inspiration; I hope to have some of my own one day. Flowers make me very happy, but a hug and smile are even better (and free and always welcomed!!!). I studied architecture and interiors in college; studying peoples’ interactions with the natural and built environments interested me the most.

This is me; I have a passion for people.

Along life’s journey I have wronged and hurt some of my friends; my friend Jesus has never let me down and has forgiven me. I have made about one zillion mistakes and bad choices; my God has shown me nothing but mercy and grace. I am nothing close to perfect and have fallen to temptation; God’s son Jesus lived a perfect life and, though tried and tempted, never fell to sin—He loves me anyway.

This is me; I am in love with Jesus Christ.


  1. You are...beautiful - inside and out! Loved reading this! Christie (B) Quackenbush

  2. WOOHOOO!! WELCOME TO THE BLOG WORLD! I'M SO EXCITED :) Now that I am far away from family and friends I will do it more consistently :)
    Love you Ellen!


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