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Thursday, May 24, 2012

playing catch-up

What does one do when the absence from her blog—with the exception of Bible memory verses—is greater than that of 2 months?!  Many things, I suppose: gather all scribbles & journal blurbs found in, around, and under any and all purses, beds, boxes, car seats, and magazines, organize them in some type of logical manner, and start writing from the beginning.  While this is the most comprehensive and informative method it also yields the greatest frustration and inevitably the most inaccurate.  Just think if the scribbled notes got out of order?!

An overall summary of the past 10 weeks could potentially suffice but I'm not sure if blog posts can be that long.  Plus, I run the risk of losing both your interests and mine.

A well thought out and visual timeline could also be nice.  But this leaves me to determine what events are significant and interesting to you as I'm pretty certain you don't care one bit when & for how long I studied every day of my absence.  And yes, I did keep track of that.

I could just go ahead and omit the past 10 weeks of my life, start with today and move on with life as a blogger.  This could cause some confusion; I can only imagine the number of emails I would receive when I start talking about studying for Test #2: What happened to Test #1?  Did you pass?  What was the test even for?!  Do you know that studying and taking tests takes years off your life?!  So you see, this route will simply not work.

There are several other ways I could tackle this task but I think for me personally, my best bet is to do a little mash-up, if you will.  Collect my calendar, iPhone pictures, emails, thoughts, washclothes (oops, that's the laundry list), and the many pink sticky notes that cover most of my surrounding surfaces and do what I can to organize it all.  A whole lot has happened since my last entry; we have lots to talk about.  So, if squirrels start studying for the A.R.E., Zac Brown's Band is uncovered in the depths of my storage unit, or I lasso an apartment, please understand and hold your comments until the end.

And with that, I will leave you until tomorrow...think of this as the Prologue to a really good novel or at least a mediocre one :)


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