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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dashing on thru

A song; sung to the familiar holiday tune, 'Jingle Bells'
In the key of Ab

Dashing through the mall-
I've four more gifts to buy,
But keep wasting time
Standing in these lines!

I'd rather be at home,
I could just shop on-line
But I can't afford the cost
Of shipping over-night!


Christmastime, Christmastime,
Why can't I get a grip?
I'd like to sit & rest a while;
Wassail I'd like to sip.

Christmastime, Christmastime,
We've left no time at all
To celebrate our Savior's  birth,
The Christ who paid it all.

Now that I'm at home,
I've still no more gifts bought.
The ornaments need hung,
Complete with star on top.

There's cookies baking now
Tomorrow's cookie swap...
Or in a week from now?
Oh, dear!  I have forgot.



On Friday night we sing,
Carols at The Hall.
How will we hit them all?!

Sunday should be slow,
I'll be at church all day
Where I will play, direct, & sing
The Christmas morning play!



December.....Target's shelves are picked over, Hobby Lobby is down to only one-half of an aisle's worth of ornaments, and driving anywhere requires an extra 18 minutes due to traffic [at least this is the case where I'm from].   Why is December the craziest month of the year when, as a Christian, it is the most special time of year?!

I hope that you are able to take time and remember the Reason for the Season.  After all, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the birth of Christ.  Well we might be here but it wouldn't be pretty I can tell you that much.  Reflecting on His birth we are reminded that....

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Actually, I don't have time for another jingle today.  I just wanted to remind you [and myself] to find some time to stop, grab something warm to drink, and thank the Lord Almighty for this gift that He sent to us; the greatest gift that has ever been given.  To Him we owe it all.

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